Another week, another indie spotlight! Today, K-pop Indie Gem would like to present to you eAeon (이이언). eAeon, the vocalist and leader of Korean indie duo Mot, has made a 2012 debut onto the solo scene with his album Guilt Free. eAeon’s alternative electronica sound is a hypnotic blend of synths, guitar, piano, bass, and the artistic use of static. eAeon’s voice also has an almost effortless melody to it, and it allows his music to embody an emotional charisma that is mellow and calming. Check out his title track “Bulletproof” from his solo album Guilt Free.

The “Bulletproof” music video took one year to produce and over 10,000 photos to create the still-motion mosaic. “Bulletproof” tells the story of a soul drowning in confusion and suffering, desperate for an escape. However, instead of allowing the journey of healing to be a personal reflection, the problem is suffocated under ignorance and disregard as the soul tries to cope in more superficial ways.

eAeon is able to illustrate this dark, twisted internal struggle through his music while juxtaposing it against a seemingly benign and romantic landscape. However, this only furthers the intent of the music as it exposes how one desperately clings to superficiality instead of thoroughly coping internally. For a more in-depth look, check out Musical Dialect for an artistically exhaustive review of the music video!

To say the least, eAeon’s music is deep. Each song is an emotional journey with heavy meaning in the lyrics but a light, airy feeling in the music. If you’re looking for something laidback and harmonious with plenty of artistic vigor, then eAeon is your guy. Plus he’s pretty cute.

Active since the early 2000’s as the leader of Mot, eAeon has made an impressive solo expose and has proved his own musical verve with Guilt Free. Be sure to check out some of his and Mot’s music, and enjoy the synesthetic journey that awaits!


(eAeonVEVO, Musical Dialect)