The S.M.ART Exhibition is still going on and will continue to go on until the nineteenth of August. On the first day, most of SM Entertainment’s artists showed up to celebrate the opening of the exhibition, but the only visitors to the exhibits these last few days were none other than SM’s newest prodigies, Exo. Whether or not Exo will continue to show up at the exhibit every day until it closes is anyone’s guess, but these last few days have filled the hearts of Exo fans with delight as they got to watch all twelve of their beloved idols goof off and look good around the exhibit. Because I myself am an Exo fan, I have decided to take this opportunity to review their outfits.

Or I would’ve liked to. This small experience has been a little enlightening about the popularity of Exo’s members in Korea. One way to judge popularity is through fan sites or fan taken pictures. Although the S.M.ART gallery was swarming with fans and cameras, there was a huge gap in the amount of pictures the members had. Kris, Lu Han, Chanyeol, D.O., and Baekhyun were pretty-well off, having huge amounts of pictures and fan cams documenting their every move. Sehun, Kai, and Xiumin appeared to have a good amount of pictures as well. Alas, it was nearly impossible to find pictures of Tao, Lay, Suho, or Chen. You’d almost think those four weren’t even at the exhibition. They disappeared into the crowd and only seemed to show up in pictures of other members. Tao and Lay were especially unpopular. It was nearly impossible for me to locate individual pictures of either of them.

The boys’ fashion for their next two visits to the digital art exhibition weren’t as uniform as their first visit. On the exhibition’s opening day, the boys looked preppy and cute in striped, blue, red, and white outfits. For the next two days, their individual styles could be better seen. Kris, as always, looked amazing in collar shirts and structured blazers. I wish they would do something new with his hair. Lu Han looked like a cute, oversized little boy in his outfits.

For Exo’s second visit, he wore a navy vest, polka-dotted button-down shirt, and bow tie. It’s the sort of outfit a young boy would wear but twenty-two-year-old Lu Han looked adorable in it all the same. His third visit to the exhibition had him wearing a striped grey sweater. Sehun appears to have a thing for ascots because he was seen wearing one again, over a regular white T-shirt. Not a good look. D.O. resembled the sweet boy you’d take home to your parents in his outfits. Lay, Chen, and Kai went for regular T-shirts and jeans, looking casual and comfortable in their outfits. Other members, like Baekhyun, Chanyeol, Xiumin, and Tao, wore blazers or cardigans to dress up their outfits a little. Next to Lu Han, Xiumin was the cutest dresser, looking darling in his ties and plaid blazers. Xiumin’s new, longer hair suits him much better than his previous haircut. The short hairstyle Xiumin debuted with did nothing for his sharp features. The longer bangs softens the appearance of his face.

What do you think of Exo at S.M.ART?