One of the best parts of the summer season is that it is the time for vacationing. It doesn’t get much better than packing your bags and heading to some far-away place, leaving the stress and responsibilities of life behind. Unfortunately for K-pop stars, much needed vacations are few and far between. For example, take CN Blue‘s guitarist Lee Jong-hyun; even though the band isn’t actively promoting on weekly shows at the moment, he can still be seen on the small screen twice a week, appearing on the insanely popular drama A Gentleman’s Dignity. The group also performs at various festivals and events in Korea and abroad. Luckily for Jong-hyun, he features in this month’s issue of Elle Girl with a vacation-themed shoot that let’s the star pretend he’s getting away from it all–in a very fashionable manor no less!

Vacations are all about indulging, and Jong-hyun starts the day right with a scrumptious treat while perched on a desk. His attire is a casual, carefree take on dressing up. The combination of pastels are perfect for the summer, as the light colors and fabric wouldn’t make you uncomfortable in the heat of July. While the look may seem more appropriate for someone slightly older, the addition of the funky yellow sneakers and perfectly tousled hair give it a youthful feel.

Rest and relaxation are key in enjoying your holiday–who wants to be even more tired when you return home than you were before you left. Jong-hyun lounges about in chic casual wear. White slacks and a tee are worn with a lightweight striped jacket. The whites are so crisp you can almost image the scent of fresh laundry just by looking at him. More sweet deck sneakers add a pop of  color to the simple ensemble.

The next shot doesn’t really seem to fit with the rest of the theme. Sure, the Giza x Joyrich shirt is from a collection that is hugely popular among idols, but the sudden bright colors among the other mellow shots is a bit jarring. And even if the line is popular, some of the pieces are a tad tacky–like this shirt. The random Phantom of the Opera mask is also out of place. But then again, maybe it is supposed to be a souvenir picked up on the trip? Too bad there wasn’t one more yacht club, resort-style shot.

Another bonus of vacations is the quality time you get to spend with whomever you traveled with, be it family or friends, and nothing is better for bonding than a junk food-fueled game night. While Jong-hyun’s food selection leaves much to be desired, his fashion is another story. He keeps it low-key in a basic blue pocket tee, and rolled khakis with a cute star print; the red canvas kicks are a nice finishing touch.

What was your favorite shot of Jung-hyun? Do you hope the star gets a real vacation soon?

(Elle Girl)