On the April 7th broadcast of SBS Power FM‘s Choi Ha Jung’s Power Time, CNBLUE managed to show off their *ahem*excellent*ahem* teamwork! The boys had to go through several rounds of questions which required them to choose either option A or B, and could only pass one round if all 4 members selected the same answer.

“Kiss or back hugs”? “Intellectual charm and ingenuous beauty”? The members all had differing opinions. But when they had to make the Decision between IU and After School‘s UEE, all 4 of them had unanimously chosen UEE as their ideal girl.

A love for UEE wasn’t the only thing CNBLUE had in common, though. Every member picked abs over butt in the last round.

During the radio show, the boys also talked about traits they were looking for in their dream girl. While Jong-hyun wanted “someone who’s fun to be with”, Jungshin preferred a mature-thinking noona, Yong-hwa “a girl with clear eyes and long, straight hair”, and Minhyuk surprisingly answered that he wanted to meet girls of different types, but his overall ideal woman would be gagwoman Song Euni.

Honestly, I’ve never really understood this ideal type thing that Korean variety shows always seem to have. I mean, after the idol chooses his or her ideal type, what happens next? Isn’t it going to be super awkward if they meet in future, unless they start going out or something?  From all the articles I’ve been reading since I first got into K-pop, idols are also constantly changing their ideal celebrities based on whoever is more popular at the moment. I don’t think the ideal type world cup serves much of a function actually, except to awaken more haters and jealous fans.

My Daily via Nate
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