C.N. BLUE recently released their music video for their song, Love Girl, which is the title track for their re-released album, First Step +1 Thank You (What a mouthful!).

The MV raises some questions, like why is she wearing shoes on her bed? When will my posters come to life? How hard is it to see a body under your covers? Does she live with her parents?  If so, where are they?? If not, what kind of job does she have which allows her to spend her days chilling in a house which is way out of my price range? Can she get me a job there, too? Why is the refrigerator so small? Did the boys ever stop to think that their actions are highly illegal and slightly creeper/stalker-ish? Did she ever stop to think that when she discovered them?

Naturally, all of these are pertinent considerations when evaluating the MV, but if you put those questions aside, Love Girl is a cute, whimsical MV which, with a different mood, could be a horror film provides a cheerful few minutes in the middle of your day. Rock on, C.N. BLUE!

PS For you Jung Yong-hwa [Kang Shin-woo] (You’re Beautiful) fans out there, Yong-hwa will be playing the lead in the upcoming kdrama, Heartstrings, opposite Park Shin-hye [Go Mi-nam]. See here.

(Daum, cnblue, dramabeans)