Tropical fashion walks a fine line between gorgeous and gaudy. Bright colors and bold patterns can combine beautifully on a flowing maxi dress meant for strolling on sandy beaches, but throw in one too many palm trees and you’ve got something that is only fit for your grandpa’s Hawaiian vacation wardrobe. Thankfully, when the July issue of InStyle brought together Pledis beauties Nana of After School and Nara of Hello Venus for an island-inspired shoot, they didn’t go overboard. Plenty of floral, palm and animal prints were used in the shoot, but there was enough variety in styles and color palette that kept it from feeling cheesy. The magazine also opted to style the pair as twins, and the resemblance is quite striking when you slap on the same fake fringe. This is definitely apparent in the first shot, where Nara is seen in a pink butterfly and jewel covered dress and Nana wears a blue and white print dress. The matching straight bangs, high ponytails and heavy eyeliner highlight their facial similarities.

Next up, they wear styles that complement each other perfectly. Nara’s dress is a mix of brilliant orange and red hues that bring out the same colors in Nana’s silk jumpsuit from Salvatore Ferragamo. The Italian label’s Spring/Summer 2012 collection was filled with tropical prints in vibrant colors and not everyone could pull off the one-piece like Nana does. Her strappy teal sandals complete the look, while Nara’s heels look too chunky in comparison. They lighten up for the next look, which sees Nana in pale aqua ensemble with a subdued, sandy palm print and Nara in a white mini-dress that features a watercolor floral design. Chain-strap handbags from Moschino are carried by both–the metallic blue one is drool-worthy!

For Nara’s solo shot, the singer wore another mini-dress, this time in a funky, blue leopard print. The cut and color are great, but the ruffled collar and sleeves could be ditched for a simpler seam; the busy pattern doesn’t need the competition. Nana steps out in a lovely crocheted maxi dress in orange with hints of magenta and beige. Once again her colorful heels match to a tee. Is anyone sick of her ever-present headbands yet?

Although eggplants and tomatoes aren’t exactly “tropical,” the produce-print items from Dolce & Gabbana‘s show up in this shoot anyway. Nana bares her midriff in an eggplant bra top, which is worn with a pair of scarf print pants from Gucci. A note to the stylists, just because the items both have purple, they do not match; this look is definitely the worst of the shoot. Nara, however, looks delightful. The sunny yellow top and tomato skirt go together like real tomatoes ripening in the summer sun. Even though Nana had a miss and Nara had a hit, fabulous heels were had by all.  More animal print can be seen in the next shot, with Nara in a Missoni zebra dress and Nana in a Roberto Cavalli leopard mini. Nara’s obnoxious necklace is the only thing wrong with this picture.

Finally, we finish up with a photo that has pretty much nothing to do with anything tropical. Maybe it represents a return to the real world after a beach-filled vacation? In any event, it is an understated shot that nicely ends the shoot. Nana rocks the interesting knit dress from Stella McCartney, but the bangs and the head wrap need to go; they got very distracting by the end of this spread. Nara’s striped dress from Epitaph is simple, but has a very classic feel to it.

What was your favorite look from the shoot? Do you think Nana and Nara could pass for twins?