We’re halfway through April and there was a lot going on in K-pop this week.  We had the comeback of Sistar, the Wonder GirlsSunye knows “The Sound of Love” for the Feast of the Gods OST, SNSD‘s Tiffany sings “Because it’s You” for the Love Rain OST while Seohyun sang “I’ll be Waiting” for the Fashion King OST, Standing Egg made a comeback with their second studio album and the title track “The Sunlight Hurts,” Kang-in completed his service in the military, Shinhwa released a dance version MV of “Venus,” K.Will contributed to The King 2 Hearts‘ OST with “Love is Crying,” C.N. Blue‘s Jung Yong-hwa will be concentrating on preparing for their next album while the other members concentrate on their personal activities (oh, and Min-hyuk likes Yong-hwa’s butt), Gong Yoo makes his comeback to K-dramas in the Hong Sisters‘ newest K-drama Big and will be stuck in a love triangle with Lee Min-jung and miss A‘s Suzy, and the Rooftop Prince continues to deliver with its cute and hilarious moments. As always if you’re not up to date in your K-pop and don’t like spoilers, this is not the post for you until you catch up.

5. Stars chow down on Star King

Star King often brings in chefs with special talents to highlight on the show, but what was especially entertaining (or sad?) was seeing the stars on the show really enjoy sampling these chefs’ fares. It does lead me to believe that companies are really not feeding their idols properly though–either that or the food was really good?


4. Busker Busker wins on M! Countdown

I can’t remember the last time an indie type won first place on one of the weekly music shows and they beat out SHINee and C.N. Blue for the win. Busker Busker, the runners-up to Oolala Session on Superstar K3 have been making waves on the K-pop scene and this is definitely a big win for them. Here’s their performance of their song “Cherry Blossom Ending” from this week’s Mnet M! Countdown.


3. The Game Devil gets down to Boogie

On the last episode of actress Go Hyun-jung‘s new talk show The Go Show, her guests were Kim Su-ro, Kim C and Kim Jae-dong. During the show Kim Su-ro bust out some new dance moves–I think he might be influenced by the ‘idol” haircut he now has. This brought back a lot of Family Outing memories, especially with “The Elder,” Yoon Jong-shin being one of the cast of the show.


2. Lee Ha-yi gets some T.O.P. notch help

For her latest training session at YG Entertainment, K-pop Star contestant Lee Ha-yi was given the opportunity to work with her ideal type, Big Bang’s T.O.P.. Ha-yi chose Tasha‘s song “As Time Goes By” and was going to include a rap into her performance, a skill she hadn’t showcased as of yet. It was awkward at first between she and T.O.P., it isn’t easy meeting your favorite idol face to face, but eventually they got down to business.

The competition is fierce with Baek Ah-yeon getting the highest score from the judges for her rendition of Kim Bum-soo‘s classic “Bogoshipda.” Lee Ha-yi’s performance got the second highest score which was only six points behind of Ah-yeon.  One point behind Ha-yi was Park Ji-min and her performance of Beyonce‘s “Love on Top.”  Eliminated from this reound was the last male standing Lee Seung-hoon who is multi-talented and a great performer, but his voice was no competition to the girls’.  Ah-Yeon, Ha-yi, and Ji-min enter next week’s semi-finals evenly matched and personally, I wouldn’t be disappointed if any of the three won.


1. The King 2 Hearts take you on a ride

A roller coaster ride of emotions–from the high of Prince Lee Jae-ha (Lee Seung-gi) and Kim Hang-ah‘s (Ha Ji-won) engagement to the depths of despair over the king and queen’s death.  Most avid K-drama fans must have been anticipating the king’s death because if Lee Seung-gi is the lead in the drama and was always going to be prince, wouldn’t the title have been The Prince 2 Hearts? While there were so many good scenes between Lee Jae-ha and Kim Hang-ah, or with the king and queen before their death, it was a scene between the Princess Lee Jae-shin and her royal guard Eun Shi-kyung that made an impact this week in both character’s story lines.  After challenging Shi-kyung to a race up the hill, Jae-shin explains that she wanted to see a shooting star to make a wish and insists Shi-kyung make one, too. When she correctly guesses that he wished for “World Peace,” she mocks him which sets him off on a rant that if it wasn’t for him and all the other soldiers that protected their country she wouldn’t be able to do what she loves which is sing.  As a sign of remorse, she sings for him her newest song which speaks of protecting one’s first love.


I love this couple–they’re going to be a couple, right? Lee Yoon-ji is awesome as the free-spirited princess and I can’t believe how great Jo Jung-suk is as her uptight and honorable protector, although he was totally impressive as Kim Byung-gun in What’s Up?

Those were the 5 Things I LOVED in K-pop last week, were they yours?

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