When it comes to K-pop, there are two groups that I love more than others: Big Bang and Infinite, with B.A.P being my newest obsession. Being a lover of Infinite, I’d be the first to tell you that they’re all adorable and a few are quite good at modeling–Woo-hyun, I once read somewhere, was a former model. Besides him, Sung-yeol and Myung-soo appear to have a natural affinity for modeling. Of course, you could just be reading the ramblings of an Infinite fan that finds everything her oppas do endearing, but the point is that Woo-hyun, Myung-soo, Sung-yeol, and all the others look great in their photo shoot for Ediq.

The styling of this entire photo shoot is very, very preppy, which is OK for me because I tend to love boys in button-up shirts and a good pair of jeans, the kind that don’t chafe — hint-hint SHINee — or hang below a boy’s backside. Myungsoo must’ve been thrilled at the amount of plaid shirts the boys are wearing. Besides plaid, the boys wear khaki, pants cut off at the knee, boat shoes, Toms, printed T-shirts, and some hats. Their wardrobe isn’t anything special — I’m pretty sure our male readers wearing clothing like this on a regular basis — but there’s a pitiful amount of Infinite on SeoulBeats and I’ll take any excuse I can to talk about them.

I couldn’t tell you why my husband is standing in a suitcase, or why my other husband is holding a guitar, but they do need something to liven up the otherwise boring set. I actually do like the setting of this photo shoot: it’s simplistic, giving the boys all the focus, and the props add a fun factor. I don’t care for Myung-soo’s necklace – it stands out as a little odd against everything else – or the yellow backpack Woo-hyun wears, but that’s simply because I find it a little too juvenile, for whatever reason. I like Myung-soo’s blue shoes and his outfit in the second photo. The vest and bow tie dress up the outfit a bit while the simple khaki and plaid shirt make it casual enough to be worn everyday. I find it interesting how Sung-jong is making almost the exact same expression in every photo but I’m too distracted by the adorableness of Dong-woo to really care.

Another thing I like is how the clothing fits the boys. Too often these days, I see boys wearing oversized or too-tight clothing. The clothing the boys wear are tight enough to be figure flattering but loose enough to not be constricting. The outfits are extremely easy to duplicate, to the point that it’s almost redundant for me to give you all suggestions — but what the heck. Similar and exact shoes can be bought from TOMS, Sperry, and Keds. Aeropostale, Abercrombie & Fitch, Ralph Lauren, and J.Crew are great places to buy denim, polos, graphic shirts, and everything else you would need to mimic this look. Keep colors consistent – notice how the boys match their shoes to their shirts. Even if you mix prints and or layer shirts, matching colors will bring your outfit together. Wearing neutrals (khaki, beige) and earthy colors (green) with cool tones (blue) keeps these looks grounded. Add a pop of bright color with your accessories, like a fun pair of rain boots or silly hat. Don’t over-accessorize — wear as little accessories as possible. Put on a straw hat or tie a bandana around your neck, if you must, but keep the look simple for the Summer. These outfits are meant to make you look stylish, comfortable, and casual, not to make you standout.

Want to see the rest of the photo shoot? Check out Murisu, which will supply you with all your Infinite needs!