Denim is definitely in this season! First Sohee was featured in a Tommy Hilfiger shoot, and now KARA‘s Goo Hara is at it for the latest issue of W Magazine. With a dreary city as the backdrop, the gorgeous gal is styled in a number of ensembles from the ‘King of Blue jeans,’ Levi’s. The urban setting gives the spread a polished metropolitan vibe, keeping it from being just a run-of-the-mill trendy fashion shoot. All of the looks finished off with boots from Korean brands namuhana or Perche, as well as jewelry from Mzuu, Kate N Kelly and CC Skye. While her hair started out in big, loose waves the stylists didn’t try to fight the rainy day, and let the dampened locks add to the overall feel of the shoot.

Below, Hara is seen first in a denim button down and skinny jean combo with a striped tee and then in faded red skinnies with a khaki jacket over a plain gray tank. While she looks great in both shots, the phrase “too much of a good thing” comes to mind in terms of the first outfit. Jeans are amazing, but this getup is dangerously close to “Canadian Tuxedo” territory; even though this is a Levi’s shoot, the denim on denim is thankfully kept to a minimum as much as possible.

In the next shot, she stands in a simple shirt-style dress on rain-soaked streets. The style is so unassuming that she almost blends into the city behind her if it wasn’t for the intense gaze she throws over her shoulder to the camera. The real surprise of this style is that it actually down plays the singer’s famous ant-sized waist, or maybe it is just the pose? Either way, she looks like a normal person–which is a very flattering look for her. Another double dose of denim appears in the next shot, with the heeled boots and tight-fitting jeans making her legs look about a million miles long–back to looking famous again!

The photographer gets up close and personal with the next photo, and Hara makes the best of it by giving the camera a seductive look. This style isn’t so bad, but ditching the cropped jacket and keeping it simple with the white top and rolled shorts would have been a fresh look. The chunky black and gold bracelet is a great piece though. In the last shot, looking positively drenched but gorgeous nonetheless, she wears a striped sweater slipping off one shoulder while posing on a cement staircase. This is one of the best because it–finally– shows that there is more to Levi’s than people may think!

What is your favorite look from this shoot?

(W Magazine)