Hot on the heels of being named a spokesmodel for Tommy Hilfiger Korea, Sohee took part in a casual shoot for the March issue of Ceci magazine that features a healthy dose of denim.  From short shorts, to colored jeans and even some jackets, the Wonder Girls singer showed off a variety of looks that would be perfect for transitioning your wardrobe from Winter to Spring.  One of the best ensembles has a trendy military feel, with a double-breasted jacket in army green, as well as combat boots paired with tight-rolled jeans.  A less successful look for Sohee was the dark denim belted jacket with the over-sized bandana.  The tan pants and suspenders are cute, but the kerchief makes it look more like a cowboy costume then a fashionable choice.  A similar look that worked much better showed the singer in a pair of side-zip skinnies and plaid scarf that matches the button-down blouse she wears.  While there is still a western feel, it definitely doesn’t seem like she’s playing dress up.

Sohee showed off a denim skirt with a little more plaid, this time cinched at the waist with a lovely mustard yellow belt.  The knee socks and shoes take away from the overall aesthetic of the look; a less elaborate pair of sandals or flats would have been a better choice in this instance.  Another shot ruined by a horrible shoe and sock combination has the singer perched on a stool in a pair of rolled shorts with another awesome belt.  The white layered tops and matching eyeglasses are the perfect finishing touches for an understated look that gets overshadowed by the polka dots socks and neon-toed oxfords. The final shot shows that simplicity can be a girl’s best friend, with the bright braided belt providing the only pop of color against the denim dress for a fresh, fun look.


What do you think of Sohee’s different denims?  Who thinks there are probably more tacky shoes and socks just out of the frame to ruin the final outfit?

(Ceci Magazine)