Aaaannd we’re back with another edition of Baby Talk, where we quickly recap the past two episodes of season five of MBLAQ‘s Hello Baby and give you the opportunity to spazz about share your thoughts on what’s been transpiring on the Hello Baby scene. So, let’s take a look at what’s been going with our favorite five daddies and their three gorgeous multiracial children.

Episode 8: A Mother is Found

  • The quest for a mother runs over into this episode, and MBLAQ is finally able to decide on….
  • Umma #5 as the new mother of this multicultural family!!
  • Lee Joon‘s own momma pays a visit to the HB household, bearing gifts and a hilarious Pororo hat
  • We are gifted with embarrassing stories from Lee Joon’s childhood
  • The daddies fill up the inflatable pool so Leo and Dayoung can get their indoor-swim on

Episode 9: Does the Hello Baby Musical Stand a Chance?

  • For this episode, we’re are sans the lovely appa Seungho due to his recent back injury
  • The MBLAQ family spends sometime warming up in a theatre studio, trying to get a better understanding of how they’re going to pull of this musical
  • Leo and Dayoung tease the appas with innocent, couple-ly antics
  • the babies sit in on a recording of MBLAQ’s follow up single “Run,” and also play on stage, relishing the limelight
  • Mir and Dayoung rekindle their affections in the recording studio

If you ask me, the past two episodes have been kind of slow, but enjoyable to say the least. Dayoung’s icy walls are finally starting to melt, and Joon and Mir are finally stepping up their daddy-game. I’m hoping the HB family goes on retreat or vacation somewhere, because the daddy-baby interaction is so much more  adorable when the boys don’t look like they haven’t slept in days or tired from other schedules. Anyways, get your spazz on in the comments below and let us know what you thought of the past two episodes of MBLAQ’s Hello Baby!