I usually don’t look up the English translation to K-Pop songs I casually listen to, I  just sit back, chill, and enjoy the Korean and give the artists the benefit of the doubt regarding lyrics. So when I listened to Taken’s “Young Boy” all I knew was that these boys were young and like to party it up. Nothing about the song nor the video really stood out, it was your generic dancing-in-random-alleyways-wearing-black-clothing style of music video. It was when I heard “Get on my expensive car” that I bothered to look the lyrics up.

And they made me go What the Eff?

I would like reiterate that proper English use is very important. “I really wanna touch myself” and “Let’s make a love baby” is prime examples of Engrish used in K-Pop that makes us native-English speakers go WTF? And “Get on my expensive car what are you thinking about?” Is one of those phrases.  Call me a corrupted little American but telling me to get on your expensive care seems a little, I don’t know, dirty? Proper use of proposition is very important boys.

Talking about cars and getting on them, the boys also sing,

Cause I’m a young boy, expensive cars are toys for adults.

Oh really? Then what am I doing on your expensive car? Not only is there contradicting lines but some innuendo that me chuckle.

Young boys have so much heat
Since we’re young we can’t wait
What you wanna do, I’ll do as you want so will you give me all that I want
I’m sort of healthy-enough to play all night long

My oh my, should young boys be having such thoughts? Oh the scandal.

They also justify checking out girls  because “Young girls are so beautiful” and apparently these girls pretend to act drunk around them too. Which I am still trying to figure out why.

All the young boys take your shirt off

Whoa there Taken, let’s take it slow. Who do you think you are? N-Sonic?

What I find funny about this song is that these boys are singing about being young but are being so aggressive about it. The chorus is really heavy and in your face and its amusing to watch these grown men (your maknae is almost eighteen and all of you look like adults) be so adamant about their youth.

So what do you guys think? Do you want to get on Taken’s car or are you a little worried about them too?

(Sports World)