For InStyle Magazine Korea, Song Ji-hyo models looks featuring faux fur from five different designers. The pictorial is called “Dreamy Charm + Slender Legs,” where she flaunts her gorgeous legs and embodies a dream-like essence. Song Ji-hyo’s spread will appear in InStyle Magazine Korea’s January 2012 issue.

In the first look “blank” Song Ji-hyo imbues the dazed dreamy charm that the pictorial was aiming for. I love the combination of the feminine white dress with the hard dark brown boots.  And the motorcycle inspired jacket? So charming, especially with “Please Say No!” stitched on the back. How can I say no?

The second shot is the ever popular bottomless fashion. Apart from Song Ji-hyo’s adorable smile, the outfit fell flat. The colors were very muted and the overall design felt dull. It was a rather average striped shirt paired with white boots. Even the fluff-tastic black jacket felt mediocre in this shot. I would have liked to see more color or have a much more crisp black on white contrast.

The third look features a black dress with floor length fringe with a grey faux fur collar. It’s topped off with a grey wide brim hat and black boots. Not loving this look, it had the same issues as the previous shot. It was in the same color palette and was rather boring as well. I thought that with five different designers, there would be a more variety of color. And I was expecting much more faux fur to be used. This pictorial is meant to show how faux fur is a great alternative to real fur. I hoping for full length coats or something that would really showcase the versatility of faux fur.

Now this is what I’m talking about! I love this shot. This black and white ensemble blew me away. I love how the oversized poka-dots on the coat brings out this adorable sense of whimsy when paired with white poka-dotted tights. The black band across the waist cinches in the waist which creates an amazing silhouette. And little pops of orange really pumps up this look from cute to exquisite. Plus, Song Ji-hyo’s adorable pout? It was just the cherry on top.


Did you have a favorite look? Were you expecting something else from the pictorial or did it meet your expectations? And more importantly, what did you think Gary’s reaction to these photos would be?