This week in K-pop Super Junior‘s Donghae and Eunhyuk tell fans “Oppa Has Arrived,” Orange Caramel has got Funny Hunnys, Seo In-guk wants to “Love Again,” Navi is “Missing You,” YG Family shares kisses for charity, SM Town shared their Warmest Gifts, Lee Byung-hun takes on G.I. Joe again, Yoochun likes Ottogi ramyun, and who exactly is the Best New Band in the World?  Keep reading to find out what were the top 5 Things I thought were a little more special than the rest.

5.Verbal Jint says Thanks

Korean hip hop artist Verbal Jint (aka Kim Jin -tae) has gotten a lot of love this year from fans due in part to the exposure his gotten through various collabs with G.Na, Beast’s Junhyung, 4Minute’s Hyuna, Outsider,d Mighty Mouth’s Sangchu, and Lady Jane.  To show his gratitude he released the single “Thank You” featuring Yeon-jin from Linus Blanket.  Check out his smooth ode of appreciation below.


4.  Who’ll be the next K-pop star?

There’s been a lot of great contestants on the new show K-pop Star which is being judged by BoA, Yang Hyu-suk, and Park Jin-young.  The competition has been tight, but I can’t believe some of the ones they let get away. I didn’t like that she didn’t get through, but she’s got some exposure now and I hope she gets another shot.



3.  Are these guys just spectators?

It’s part two of Running Man in Hong Kong with guests Lee Min-jung and Jung Yong-hwa.  It was every man or woman for themself as they tried to track down ‘the one.’  Here’s a hilarious clip of Yong-hwa trying to take down Kim Jong-kook with the help of Lee Kwang-soo–you can imagine how that went.  What made it more hilarious was the reaction of all the ajusshis, namely Yoo Jae-suk, Ji Suk-jin, Haha, and Gary.  You gotta give Yong-hwa credit, he is one of the few men I’ve ever seen take on Sparta-kooks.



2. Why, yes I will

Hey, if Hyun-joong’s asking–I’m accepting. Kim Hyun-joong released these two great ‘marriage’ themed songs as a gift to fans for their support the past year. The MVs for the songs “Marry Me” and Marry You” are works of art, literally. Kudos to whomever found the sand artist and came up with the concept and storylines for these MVs, they’re great. I LOVE how each scene segues into the next to tell the story. Check out the MV for “Marry Me.”

And “Marry You.”


1. Who’s the Best, Take 3

2NE1 hit Times Square and the MTV studios to receive their crown as MTV IGGY‘s Best New Band in the World.  Major props to MTV IGGY for giving much recognition and love to not only 2NE1, but all ten of their top picks (unlike some other MTVs)  Congrats to 2NE1, I guess they really are the best.

Those were the 5 Thing I LOVED in K-pop this week, were they yours?

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