Let’s face it, one of the reasons K-Pop is strangely amazing is because of the randomness of Korean entertainment.  I was watching older K-pop videos and came across this gem.  Let’s get real, the most WTF things in K-pop are from the olden days.  We all have been there, where you go WTF just happened? So let’s go on to my WTF moment of the week.

Oh sweet baby Jesus. Before reading the rest of the article it is mandatory that you watch this.

If you are a Hottest and think 2PM looks hot no matter what, I have warned you. There will be nice serving of WTF with a side of What Were You Thinking, so you see the arrow pointing to the left on the top left corner of your browser? Click it.

You saw that right? Let’s take this step by step.

First there’s the denim outfit. Alright, I’ll deal. Not the greatest outfit I’ve seen but meh, it’ll pass. Then there is the carcass of a dead mammal on their denim. Not cool. Finally the bedazzling of the outfits. Now where did I put that bleach? I need to go and erase that from my brain.

Alright first of all this is not the fault of 2PM, we know that idols are subject to questionable outfits. Examples: SHinee’s funky multi colored pants that can be only appreciated if one is on an acid trip. SS501’s lace backs in “Love Ya“. Ki Bum’s shirt in “It’s You”. Amongst countless others but this, this is probably by far the worst I have seen. My soul died a little inside, I think I will need some intense therapy after this. I get that you guys have been dubbed “Beastly Idols” but let’s not take that to be literal okay?

This video should never been shown to Lee Hyori because she will hunt 2PM down and make them pay. I also believe that Jaebeom is wearing the carcass of Bambi’s mother, oh poor Bambi. How could you do this to him?

Let’s face it 2PM, musically, are not the best out there. However, their smexiness, manliness, and their goofy personality off stage make me love the members but no amount of manly sexiness can ever pull that off. No man in all of existence could have pulled it off. I know there will be some people who will say ‘No, my Oppas pulled it off so well! What are you talking about?’. What am I talking about? I’m talking about the fact that your ‘Oppas’ are wearing bedazzled denim and the the epidermis of a woodland creature. Also, please understand this is not some PETA driven rant, I couldn’t care less about PETA. But for me I never found wearing fur as aesthetically pleasing, especially when you perform.

I will concede a point, however. This performance was on New Year’s eve in 2008 and it would have been cold. But that is not an excuse to dress up your idols in some weird Eskimo meets be-dazzler ensemble. The little dance break at the end? The outfits took away from the performance. Even Chansung and Jaebeom had to strip off their jackets not only because they were hideous but because they impeded their movements. Sigh. The choreography in “10 Out of 10” is, a little odd and it looked even creepier when they wore that outfit.

The question I have is: Where there no mirrors backstage? Or did they all break at the hideousness of the outfits?