Will you be traveling for Thanksgiving next week?  We all know that traveling isn’t what it used to be. The glamour of flying is now a frustrating experience filled with long lines, carry-on regulations, checked or overweight baggage fees, choosing between a full body scan or a stranger patting you down for hidden threats, x-ray screenings of your personal belongings, and walking bare foot through metal detectors.

Tiffany's airport fashionSunny Airport Fashion

After checking off our packing checklist, planning ahead in order to arrive at the airport an hour before scheduled departure, and setting our alarms accordingly, the last thing to anyone wants to worry about is putting together a stylish yet comfortable outfit. We’re all familiar with the routine that’s why, here at Seoulbeats, we’ve done the work for you and put together four travel style guides for four different looks. You may not be an idol, but that doesn’t mean you can’t dress like one. So, put a little glamour back into flying.

In order to avoid looking too matronly, it’s best to keep it basic when dressing maturely as well as focusing on one piece. The point is to look sophisticated and chic yet casual.  The styles worn by SNSD’s Tiffany and Sunny can easily be recreated by pairing neutral colors like khaki, olive, and cream with black. Their neutral colored trench coats balance out the all black outfit making the coat into the overall point of fashion.

The Trench

When choosing a trench coat, one should keep in mind that the coat emulates elegance through simplicity like Uniqlo’s long length, warming fabric lined trench coat ($129.90; available at stores and online), or Lorikeet’s double-breasted trench coat ($124.20; available at yesstyle.com). The buttons should flatter the coat’s lapels, shoulders, and front view, and the belt should be slim. Also, stay away from elaborate belt buckles that may draw too much attention to your mid-section. The trench coat should have a snug fit and should fall just above the knee no higher than your mid thigh giving an hourglass shaped silhouette.

front view
The Shirt

Now, considering that the focus is mostly on the coat, the outfit underneath it should be its foundation or frame. It’s best to choose a solid black since it flatters every body type and skin complexion. This will also aid the neutral color of the trench to stand out. If you’re comfortable wearing a dress, like Tiffany, make sure the length doesn’t exceed the length of the coat by more than an inch. The dress can either peek out from underneath trimming the bottom edge or be completely concealed when the coat is buttoned up.  Avoid any dresses that may make your waist seem like it has disappeared when the coat is buttoned yet consider a flared skirt like H&M’s fitted Jersey dress ($17.95; available at stores and online in black, navy blue and turquoise green). The dress can also be paired with solid black leggings or tights. Juny’s distressed leggings ($16.00; available on yesstlye.com), like the ones worn by Sunny, add a bit of an edge to the overall look. If jeans seem more practical, I would recommend solid black without any embellishment or rips in order to avoid being too edgy. This will keep the hourglass silhouette clean and the focus on the coat rather than the outfit.

The Shoe

When choosing a shoe, look for one that keeps the look linear and elongates the leg. A black knee-high boot like Audrey Brooke’s Dallas Boot ($119.95; available at DSW.com) or a black ankle bootie like Zigi Soho’s Alison Bootie ($59.95; available at DSW.com) would be ideal. Also, keep the heel and heel height in mind. Avoiding any falls as you run towards your gate for departure or any difficulty lifting your luggage from the conveyor belt can be achieved while satisfying both fashion and comfort. A wedged heel or a short block heel will add support and comfort while maintaining the sophisticated and chic overall look.


This look is all about keeping the image of sophisticated maturity age appropriate so accessories should be kept at a minimum encompassing the simple but elegant theme throughout.

Reminder: the point of fashion is the hourglass shaped silhouette outlined by the trench coat with the cinching of the belt around the waist. Its neutral color should be framed by an all black outfit and the shoe should elongate the leg adding balance to the entire look.

Watch out for Airport Fashion Look Book 2: Casual tomorrow!