Some prefer the advantages to an early morning flight–cheaper airline tickets as well as the impression of an extra vacation day by getting the “traveling” out of the way. While others are a bit more frugal with their vacation time and choose an overnight flight. Yet, whether your preference is getting up at 3 AM or catching the next night flight after work or your last scheduled class, sleeping in anything constricting is the last thing anyone wants to do. Airplane seating is limiting as it is (unless you are flying First/Business Class). So, just because you’re tucking a sleeping mask into your shoulder bag or strapping your favorite pillow onto your backpack doesn’t necessarily mean having to opt for UGGs, pajama pants and an University sweatshirt. You may not be photographed upon arrival but you don’t have to be a K-pop idol to look presentable.

Frequently flying between South Korea and Japan due to promotions, Goo Hara has a considerable amount of experience in dressing comfortably for travel. Unlike 2NE1’s CL, her style leans more towards cute than trendsetter or chic. Yet, her basic outfits are reasonably assembled and, most importantly, they are far from restricting. When dressing comfy cute, opt for oversized tops as well as loose fitting jeans. The point of fashion is dressing in an endearing and almost childlike manner.

The Parka

For this particular style, outerwear that’s both functional and comfortable is essential. So, whether you choose a long puffer coat or a parka, select one that leaves some extra space for sweaters or layering and reaches just above your knee, yet isn’t too baggy like H&M’s parka ($59.95; available in stores and online in black and brown).

The Baggy Top

An oversized top either can be purposely manufactured as such, or simply be normal pullover bought a size larger than what you would normally wear. Considering the range of body types, certain garments are made with universal measurements and, in some cases, rules can be bent. Just because you are “a medium” doesn’t necessarily mean you must shop with that size engraved in your head. A pullover like TWLOHA’s crew neck pullover sweatshirt ($42.00; available only at Zumiez and or Bitter Sweet Girls’ Silly Minion t-shirt ($15.95; also available at Zumiez and can be worn to resemble a marketed oversized top without being too baggy. Of course, this is only an option and sometimes it is more convenient to buy that oversized top in medium.  Now, when dressing comfy cute, feel free to also deter from “acting your age and not your shoe size” by expressing your inner child and purity at heart. An oversized sweater or t-shirt with graphics like Bitter Sweet Girls’ Silly Minion portrays both ingenuousness and silliness. While TWLOHA’s pullover sweatshirt, reveals a caring nature while promoting a good cause.

 The Bottoms

Denim jeans in any shade of blue are classic, but why not try a pair in a grey wash like Empyre Girl‘s Logan denim leggings ($34.95; available at Zumiez and Unlike the infamously horrendeous “jeggings”, these denim leggings are are a blend of 72% cotton, 26% polyester and only 2% spandex featuring the durablity of jean, and the comfort and stretch of a legging making these slim fitting skinny jeans anything but restricting. Now, if you prefer a pair of leggings why not layer them with some sweatshorts like Moul Style’s drawstring sweatshorts ($25.20; available at This choice may be reminiscent of sleepwear or workout attire depending on your own personal style but, if the shoe fits, acceptable for an overnight flight. Considering you’ll be wearing shorts opt for Uniqlo’s HEATTECH leggings ($12.90; available in stores and online) whose fabric is made to retain as well as generate heat.

The Footwear

Now, footwear is probably the most creative aspect of dressing comfy cute. Take a tip from the guys and make a statement with your sneakers. A pair of comfy high tops like Adidas ADI Rise 2.0 ($90.00; available at with its glossy patent trims, subtly detailed strap closure and mesh dotted print tongue are attention deserving but not in flashy or distracting manner. A pair of Chuck Taylors are also a great option. Afterall this classic sneaker, with its long history and rich culture, is style icon.

The comfort from dressing in an endearing and childlike manner derives from childhood when your favorite Disney character was enough to make that sweater or those light up sneakers your favorite. So, whether your seat is located in First Class or at the center of the jumbo jet, at least you’ll look cute while drooling in your sleep.

Tomorrow, we’ll bring you the Edgy Look Book.