On November 3rd was a most prestigious event – the Style Icon Awards, where the most beautiful and glamorous stars of Korean entertainment gathered for a sparkling and exciting evening. Everyone looked lovely but the question remains: who shined the most?

Gong Hyun Joo sparkled in a black gown made half of glitzy sequins and half lace with a bejeweled belt and matching chandelier earrings. Though not seen here, the gown has a large cut-out in the back, showing the star’s sexy back. Go Soo looked dapper in a structured tuxedo.

SNSD’s Taeyeon wears a tiny black and gold dress and black pumps, her caramel-colored hair arranged in waves and thrown over her shoulder. Taeyeon’s dress and she does look beautiful but I wouldn’t be surprised if she flashed several people during the event. To Taeyeon’s left is Sunny, who looks sexy and fierce, head-to-toe in black with a “don’t f*ck with me” expression. Her hair, however, I have mixed feelings on. All the publicity over the blonde pixie-cute wig she wore for ”The Boys” must’ve inspired Sunny to actually cut her hair to that length– with mixed results. She pulls it off well and looks fabulous while doing it, but also looks like Justin Bieber. Standing not too far from the Biebs-lookalike is Yuri, who looks less than stylish. Yuri always looks beautiful but her outfit is a mishap. The black fur vest, high collar, and bizarre grey corset (matched to what almost looks like sweatpants) is a disaster.

The rest of SNSD also showed up for the event, minus Yoona. From left to right: Seohyun looks boring in a baggy jumper with a trick-out belt. Sooyoung looks chic in a white shirt with a black mini and caged black-and-nude heels. Hyoyeon smiles radiantly in an entirely black outfit, though I wish she did more with her hair. Jessica is also in black, wearing a one-shoulder dress and caged heels. Jessica does have great sense of style but this outfit is a little boring, and the bagginess and cut of the dress is unattractive. Tiffany wears a sparkly gold top, black trousers, and lace-up booties. She looks fabulous and I love her blunt bangs.

Singer-actor Kim Hyun Joong won the Style Icon Award for the 3rd year in a row. I find his outfit a little gaudy but I will admit that he does have style. Nam Gyu Ri looks almost like Barbie in a cleavage-revealing pink gown. Jay Park looks like a proper gentleman in his tux (though I find his hair unpleasantly distracting).

IU looks like a doll in a pretty black dress and gold heels while Go So-young looks a bit too casual in a black blazer and geometric skirt, but she still looks lovely. Shin Sekyung sparkles in a sequin pink dress and black-and-pink heels. Her clutch looks a little strange next to the ultra-glittery dress, but Sekyung looks beautiful all the same.

The Misses

Narsha looks beautiful but her dress is a disaster. It’s sparkly with this optical illusion-like print with flowers on top. The stripes don’t even line up – it looks like random pieces of cloth were sewn together. I love feathers but Park Young Lin’s dress is too feathery. Seriously, it looks like she went out, shot an eagle, skinned it, and threw it on.  There is just no way to describe the horribleness of Lee Seung Yeon’s outfit. Just sit there and admire it.

Ji Sung has a confident stride but a too-large blazer. Compared to other men of the evening, he is very casually dressed and should’ve worn something more sophisticated. There is no excusing a blue sweater dress with furry sleeves, so Kim Na Young’s outfit is an utter failure. Then there is the comical outfit of Jung Jae Hyung, who wears harem pant, several blazers, geeky glasses, a blue belt, and oxfords.

Which outfits do you love and hate? Who shined most of all?