Another week, another round, and another bit closer to the crowning of Miss Seoulbeats!

While Sunye and Sohee are at the head of the pack once again with 18% and 15% of the vote respectively, miss A’s Suzy joins these front runners with 8% of the vote. And here’s the part that I hate: this week we’ll be saying goodbye to BoA, Narsha from Brown Eyed Girls, Ga In from Brown Eyed Girls, Victoria from f(x), and Kahi from After School. But there are still plenty of ladies who could use your votes so vote and vote a lot!

And while we’ve tackled presentability and marketability, this week we’re looking at talent. Although many of them demonstrate some measure of talent through their status as an idol, which one of these ladies knocks it out of the park for you?

Only 5 ladies can go onto the next round so vote and vote carefully!

And remember guys and gals, this is a no troll zone.

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