With Korean music executives proactively pushing their talents to debut in the states, organizing concerts in the US naturally make sense.  And on the surface, it may appear that K-pop masters is just another K-pop concert to cater to the growing K-pop fan base in the states. However, upon a closer look, the organization and the premise of the concert seem a bit different from the rest.

First of all, this is the first concert backed by a reputable companies based in the states, specifically the Billboards and MGM.  Both companies with a high brand recognition, resources and experience in putting together a concert, which will be a huge plus to K-pop fans who have experienced the best and worst of concert organization from various production companies.  The venue,  MGM Grand Garden Arena has been home to many other prestigious concerts and the fact that K-pop stars will be performing on this stage can be considered a historical event, down the road of K-pop history, if K-pop proves itself on the global stage.  Furthermore, the collaboration with Billboard cannot be ignored, for Billboard plays a significant role in determining musical success, in terms of both financial and prestige.

Secondly, the marketing behind the concert is centered around social media with the objective of obtaining one million Facebook likes before the concert on November 25th. According to the producers of the show, Richard Choo and Ximon Rah, the reason behind this campaign is not only to raise awareness of the concert but also of the overall K-pop genre as music.  Generally, most concert promotions put focus on selling tickets but the fact that these folks want to spread the word about K-pop to those who may not be aware is rather an interesting and ambitious marketing activity.  Of course, one can argue that by raising awareness of K-pop, they may acquire more concert goers.  However, the fact that they are trying to do something different, still holds true.

Finally, the line-up for K-pop Masters is a pretty impressive.  Although it lacks YG presentation, they have secured acts like DBSK, 4Minute, Brown Eyed Girls etc with the hope of bringing together various popular K-pop acts.   Whether or not K-pop Masters end up being just another K-pop concert or end up making history remains to be seen.  However, the activities leading up to the concert appear to be pointing to the right direction, which makes this jaded K-pop fan, at least have some sort of hope for K-pop in the states.