Even though the media wants to portray them as examples of perfection, the idols that we know and love are still human. Hence, some of the best mistakes that were made (and captured) on TV are the ones starring the idols we love. Don’t believe me?

Wooyoung Star King Accident

This “mistake” needs no explanation. Just watch it and you’ll know what I mean. What’s amazing is that it was caught on camera and never edited out of this Star King broadcast. I mean you can’t blame Wooyoung, he is in contact with a girl and that’s what happens when a guy gets excited. It just sucks that he can’t play it off cause’ it was just out there. And to make it matter worst, the scene is popping out right at you.

…Get it?

Okay, moving on…

Big Bang Taeyang’s Voice Crack

Everyone makes mistakes but the funny thing about this video is that everyone in the group can’t get over the fact that Taeyang’s voice cracked. For about the rest of the video G Dragon has a grin on his face (not like the “oh look at the camera and smile” but the kind where your friend messes up and you can’t help but laugh). But his smiling after the mistake makes up for the cracked note.

Hyuna Loses to Zinger

Dance battles are always fun between two celebrates but when a celebrate is challenged on her own song and loses, it turns into an embarrassing moment. Zinger from Secret duked it out with Hyuna, having a dance battle for the song Change. As you can see in the video, things didn’t turn well for Hyuna. The bubble pop queen bursted into laughter after just a couple of seconds and left the crowded feeling a bit embarrassed for the lost of her own song.

Lee Minho Falls on Red Carpet

This is probably one of the most recognizable mistakes in Kpop. Lee Minho got a little too excited on the red carpet and took a little tumble. Even though this could’ve been mortifying for him, I got to give the man props for getting up like a champ and just laughing and walking it off. I mean, if I was me, I’d probably just walk away from the red carpet and never show my face again. But this is why I’m not a star and he is.

Any other embarrassing moments in Korean entertainment history?