A few days ago, cosmetics brand Missha, released a new CF for their “1+1 Event”, starring DBSK’s Yunho and Changmin and actress Kim Hye Soo.  This wonderful number ultimately equated to twenty seconds of HoMin wearing painfully ugly leather ensembles standing behind the fairy queen Kim Hye Soo.

Ironically, Kim Hye Soo is getting criticized for being 41 years old and wearing a ‘revealing’ dress at the head of a two insanely hot young men.   She has the figure and more power to her if she flaunts it.  Case closed.

The bigger issue with this CF is the failed attempt to convey any sort of coherent messaging about the product or the event.  I’m tired of seeing another marketing ploy sprinkled with eye candies to grab attention, but at least I was able to have a good laugh while watching another disastrous CF.

For viewers you haven’t seen the video above, please save yourself 20 seconds of awkwardness.  And for those who had to sit through the poorly made CF, can you please help me answer the following questions.

  • Why do Yunho and Changmin look so mean?
  • Why is Kim oblivious to two men creeping up behind her?
  • And why does Changmin look so awkward and uncomfortable?