My heart skipped a beat when news about Lee Minho’s alleged breakup made headlines a couple of days ago.  As an  obsessed City Hunter, Personal Taste and Boys Over Flower fan, I simply did not know how to respond.  Although Lee Minho’s management company came forth to “clarify rumors” and set the record straight by stating that Lee Minho and the chick he supposedly dated after Personal Taste are “just friends”, it still got me thinking.

Some say that a true fan should be supportive and happy that their favorite star was able to find love despite their tight schedule.  However, by definition, fans are emotional, irrational and unable to process such mature thinking.  As fans, we let our emotions dictate our reactions, resulting in unnecessary display of emotions, whether it be denial, hatred, depression or all of the above.  And this is why I love calling out batshit crazy fans.

As an occasional batshit fan myself, I know that we overreact to any trivial detail about our favorite stars.  For example, if fans found out that his travel agent booked an aisle seat, instead of his preferred window seat for his LA trip, I, along with other passionate fans, would be enraged.  And anybody witnessing me at that very moment would find our silly reaction to the situation extremely comical.

I know that such reactions are stupid, useless, irrational, crazy, what have you, but given the predicted behavior from extreme fans, is it beneficial to seek out the relationship status of our favorite stars?  Or should I just adhere to the old saying – ignorance is bliss – and live in oblivion?