I am a big fan of Kim Sa-rang. She came to my attention last November when Secret Garden began, and I learned more and more about her after that point. Despite her snobby, obnoxious (then later more sympathetic) character in Secret Garden, the real Kim Sa-rang is a sweetheart. Not only is she beautiful, but she also has a kind and friendly personality. (Now, her English in Secret Garden left us all cringing, but my sources tell me that was an act, and she has rather good English.)

As a fan, I’ve been delighted to see her gaining more and more endorsements and appearing in CFs. As far as I know, she has 4 current product endorsements, check them out:

LG Optimus Black:

Post Light Up cereal

Wells water purifiers/dispensers

and Gilette Fusion razors

I can’t wait to learn what her next project will be.

(youtube 1, 2, 3, Daum 1, 2)