I think I have a legit crush on this boy.

After finishing up his recent two-month long promotional stint in Taiwan with Super Junior-M, Henry seems to be enjoying a break back home in Toronto. However, he’s still been connecting with fans via Twitter and, most recently, Youtube. He’s posted one video under the channel ‘henryzzz89‘, and it’s a cover of Bruno Mars’ “Lazy Song.” Check it out below:

The video is less than a minute long, but he’s playing guitar and singing Bruno Mars and there is a parakeet on his shoulder so therefore it is automatically swoon-worthy.

I’ve always thought of Henry as a ‘part-time idol’ who actually has it pretty good in the K-popsphere – that is, if you don’t count all the fandom hatred that happened when he first debuted. He’s not tied to the relentless schedules that most idols have to endure, and he really only ‘works’ for several months straight at a time. In the interim, he’s working on his own musical endeavors, whether it’s composing, producing, learning new instruments, or taking more classes. Unlike many other K-pop stars who break into the industry on one single talent – be it singing, dancing, or what-have-you – I think Henry’s one of the few performers out there whose passion and talent is music as a whole. He’s got a killer ear and his classical music training serves as a strong foundation for whatever he hopes to do in the future. Not a lot of other idols can say that. For these reasons, I think Henry has a good chance of making his musical career last beyond the scope of typical idoldom.

But I digress. Anyway, here’s hoping Henry will be posting more videos in the future. Oh, and one last thing, Henry: what is with that Yankees cap? As a fellow Boston-area college student, I’m slightly offended…but not enough to disown you completely. Call me!