f(x)‘s Amber is not the trend-setter of the group, but in terms of style she is one to watch. Her image is boyish but, as she is a woman with a womanly figure, her styling opens the door for great androgynous looks. Like the ones below from the album photos from “Pinocchio”.

Here’s what you will need. First, the unattainable:
* Bone structure to die for
* Stylists
* Lots of money

Now the attainable:

For the first look go for a simpler top, if you don’t want to blind people as you walk in the sunlight, like the one below from Marc by Marc Jacobs. Since you’re taking the bling out of the outfit, go for a more interesting asymmetrical take on the Letterman’s jacket from Mason Martin Margiela. Pair with colorful tights and a wedge-heeled boot (Bernhard Willhelm and Modcloth, respectively) and you’ll have a look to die for.

For the second look, keep it simple. Burberry is the go-to for trench coats, like the dark blue one below. A light blue denim shirt, which must be a lighter shade than the jeans! (Both from Calvin Klein’s CK One). Pair it with a nude shoe–the ones below are from Modcloth–because tassels, bows and multi-color never go well together.

The last, just grab one of those crazy sweatshirts from A Bathing Ape AKA BAPE and mix and match with the first two looks.

Finishing touches: peroxide for your hair and being as don’t give a frack as possible.


(Album Photo)