That's one lucky chicken, amiright?

You know that ‘to do’ list you have for when you finally make it to Korea? (You know you have one!) Maybe it has things on it like, “see the Coffee Prince coffee shop” or “loiter around the SM Entertainment building”. What about “Try Se7en‘s chicken restaurant.” or “Get that accessory I saw and LOVED on _______.”? Well, as Seoulbeats’ ‘boots on the ground’ writer, I, Madeline, am now taking requests for your vicarious enjoyment (and detailed vacation plans) in a new (hopefully) weekly feature: Seoul Insider.

Maybe I should see Caffe Soo firsthand...

What does that mean for you as a reader?

You need to leave a comment on this post or future Seoul Insider posts with your request. I will choose locations/missions based on a. the popularity of the request, b. the amount of information included in the request (ie, how to get there, hours open, a picture of that thing you’re mad to find etc.), and c. my schedule. (And no, I am not going to take any ‘loiter around ______ Entertainment Building’ requests, see c.) My post will include how to get there, what the experience was like, any helpful tips, and whether or not I would recommend it. And, of course, pictures!

Ready, set…. GO!!