23 year-old Uee and 19 year-old Nana of After School are absent and childish for Vogue Girl Korea’s June issue. Undoubtedly beautiful but uncomfortably dull, the girls stare blankly and eat Doritos while wearing the designs of Uniqlo, Jill Stewart and Moschino to name a few.

With a lack of charisma that would make Hayden Christensen proud, a blue dolphin (I’ll get back to you when this makes sense) and socks and sandals, they look great. Perfect even, but it’s good to keep in mind that high fashion doesn’t automatically equate to emotionless dolls. It also is a bit creepy when I look at a picture (blue dolphin) and I feel like my soul is getting sucked out of my body by Uee’s stare. (…The Rapture?)