SNSD‘s new Japanese endorsement deal is for Lipton tea, and the above are two different versions, each featuring a different song off their first Japanese album. These commercials, however, look like they were made when wind machines were first discovered and stylists looked to TV stripes for inspiration, apparently.

Not only are these CFs awkward and terrible, but they are the kind of sad and stupid things girls have to do to make money and appeal to an audience. I’d really love to see Beast or 2PM or SHINee or Super Junior make a stupidass tea commercial by whipping their heads backward in slow-mo while frisking a carton of chemically produced tea, but that will probably not ever happen.

SNSD bring in so much damn cash, couldn’t they have skipped this one? Or better yet, couldn’t people from their camp tell people on Lipton’s camp to come up with a better tea commercial? It’s tea, not rocket science, I’m sure there are some freshly graduated college art, design, and film students who could have come up with something brilliant.

(Videos via kimbillly)