Of the groups that debuted in 2009, Secret is a group that as been gaining a lot of momentum. And why not? They have a fantastic set of pipes, they have infectious charm, and they know how to work it. I really enjoy this group and though I recognize that they aren’t perfect, they have a lot of potential. And with this upcoming comeback, perhaps we shall see this potential transformed into something greater.

My biggest qualm with this group: their material isn’t versatile. Their group is defined by a signature, retro feel and concept and that’s perfectly okay but it all seemed too similar. Did “Magic” and “Madonna” really come from two different albums?

But with this concept photo for their comeback song, it looks like they are changing things up a bit while still maintaining their style that fans have come to know and love. With the backdrop and their dresses, it definitely gives off an island, tropical feel. What can we expect? Some reggae? Some Caribbean? Or with that mountain in the upper right hand corner that shares an uncanny resemblance to King Kong, can we expect a fusion of 1930’s retro, island music with a sci-fi/fantasy feel? Considering the backdrop, probably not.

I just really hope they don’t recreate “Yayaya.”

This teaser for the single ‘Oh Honey!’ reaffirms my predictions of a reggae, tropical feeling but it is also surprising how charmingly funny it is. Captures the feeling of summer perfectly.


Anyone else excited for their comeback this week and have any ideas on what this comeback might include?