In case you weren’t paying attention, no worries! YG-Life has got your back so that you don’t forget that Big Bang will be releasing a special edition album on the 8th.

Starting with G-Dragon and following up with T.O.P., the one-week countdown to more BB goodness has officially begun.

Can I get a Hall-yu?!! (Ok, I’ll admit it-I’m trying to make “Hall-yu” happen. It’s waaaay more clever than “fetch” imo.)




(I know, I know–what the bak are GD and TOP wearing, right??!!!! Accessorizing gone horribly wrong.)

And photos of the repackaged special edition album have also begun circulating the KPOPsphere and making me salivate- seriously, this packaging is so slick (and the 100-page photobook so tempting!!) that I may just shell out the extra bucks for this bad boy. (Which, by the way, will be retailing for $24.99 not including shipping from!)



(yg-life, YGE shop)