Okay, so apparently I was wrong again and you can actually still vote for the Big Bang Special Album Release Global Event “Big Bang Is Coming” which is an event advertised via their YouTube ChannelFacebook Page, and Soompi. Fans have a chance to vote for Big Bang to visit their country in concert in three divisions:  the Americas, Europe and Asia. My informant aquaricpassion, notified me of the competition which kicked off on April 14th, to coincide with the release of their Special Edition album,and that it is still open for voting!  The standings as of early this morning was:

Sadly, it’s getting ugly out there with fans accusing other fans of ‘cheating’ with the voting.  The US is currently third for the Americas behind Peru and Brazil…  my apologies to our readers not from the US, but EVERYONE VOTE FOR BIG BANG TO COME TO THE US!  Sorry, but it’s every fan for themselves in the race to get Big Bang to come in concert to their country (I dropped a bunch of cash on tix to the Korean Music Festival next week due to rumors that Big Bang would be there, so my disappointment in their not being there might be fueling this a little, sorry peeps).

If you’d like to vote try checking out Big Bang’s event page on Facebook or for more information check this out.  I couldn’t find any information on when voting was ending, but don’t wait- if you want Big Bang to visit your country vote today!