As if we needed to be reminded, what with today’s fast-paced world of social media and the like. But trending topics and CNN Breaking News tweets aside, the K-pop Twitterverse is filled with adorable moments. Like these recent tweets, brought to you by the members of U-Kiss:


I wasn’t 100% sure about this new AJ guy before I saw this, but I think I like him.

Eli‘s been at it as well, and is as clever as always:

Ladies, do you have guy friends who say stuff this all the time? Because I do. Man, it sure is nice to know that K-pop idols are normal, dumb guys too.

And on a more bittersweet note, here’s a recent exchange between maknae Dongho and ex-member Alexander:


And that’s all for today, folks. Now you can go back to those WSJ tweets about how Apple’s suing Samsung or whatever.

(twitter: kevinwoo91, jsk91aj,  u_kisseli, Dongho94, alexander_0729)