Actor Kim Rae-won’s expensive foreign car was involved in a DUI accident.  Apparently around 4:00 am on the 13th in Gangnam, a drunk driver fled the scene after his Kai Sorento rear ended Kim Rae-won’s parked Maserati Quattroporte, no one was hurt in the accident.

The drunk driver was later found and had a blood alcohol level of 0.128%, he had reportedly been attending a friend’s farewell party.  Both parties have agreed to a settlement and their insurance companies will handle the damages.  Rae-won entered the military in August of 2009, so he’s only a few months away from being released.

* Sorry, for the translation mix-up.  Both parties last names were Kim which led to the error.  I guess Kim Rae-won knows how to appreciate his Maserati.

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