Well, at least in U-KISS‘s new MV, he is.

U-KISS has recently released their 5th mini-album, Bran New Kiss, (Would it have killed them to add a ‘d’?) and they’re promoting the single ‘0330’. (0330 is in reference to 3:30 AM as well as March 30th, the album release date.)

Check out the mv!

The video is pretty, and the boys look nice (except for that shimmery eye makeup on Eli…). Dong-ho is definitely one of the (if not the) most popular U-KISS members in Korea, and they’re totally capitalizing on that in this mv. While the story is never really clarified, I like the sound of the song, not counting the wonky English lyrics. (C’mon, Kevin, Eli – don’t you have any say in the lyrics?)

I’m torn between: a. embracing this new U-KISS (with new members AJ and Hoon), because I’m a fan of U-KISS, anyway and, b. rejecting the new U-KISS because of how abominably the company treated Ki-bum.  Although Kevin has been and probably will remain my favorite member (cute + good English = attractive), in the past several months, Ki-bum has become a very important member to me, and I wish he hadn’t been fired (All the best in your new endeavors, Ki-bum!!).

What are your thoughts on the MV? On the ‘Bran New’ U-KISS?

(daum, LOENENT)