Now that we have a proper Korean version of f(x)’s (and SHINee’s) ‘Lollipop’ only one question remains: Which is better? I suppose I may be jumping the gun here – after all, SM doesn’t have an MV for this -yet – but on a purely musical level, I’m curious. Mainly because as a fan of neither Big Bang or f(x) and SHINee (and when I mean “fan” I mean “devoted stan for life.” As you may imagine I am a true fan of very few people) I like both Lollipop songs, but they are vastly different from one another. There’s not going to be any sensible resolution out of any of this, so go crazy. For the record, as soon as I heard Chipmunk James Brown at the beginning of f(x)’s song it was all over. Sorry T.O.P….


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