Recently, fashion magazine Marie Claire Korea unveiled 9 limited edition covers for their May issue, each featuring a different member of SNSD! This was one smart marketing move, as the covers were immediately snapped up by hardcore SONEs through the Marie Claire homepage.

As always, there was a little competition among fans of each SNSD member. So whose covers managed to sell out the fastest? It seems that as of April 21st, Seohyun, Taeyeon, Jessica, Tiffany and YoonA‘s covers are no longer in stock. Seohyun’s cover was particularly well-received and supposedly the first to be sold out.

This isn’t necessarily an indication of the girls’ popularity rankings, but I’m still surprised that Seohyun managed to sell out faster than her unnies. Gone are the days where the maknae always gets pushed to a corner…Maybe this news should prompt SM to give the other members more parts in SNSD’s future Korean comebacks, so that they are able to receive more recognition from the public!

DongA via Nate, SNSD Korean