More than just three guys with pretty faces, FLUXUS Muisc newbie group, Handsome People, are making beautiful music to my ears too.

The lead singer of the group is no stranger to the KPOP stage-Tei is already well known as a balladeer and has a discography of 5 albums under his belt. Many netizens have been extremely pleasantly surprised by Tei’s foray into another genre of music with Handsome People, and are already deeming it a success. Here’s a serious jack-of-all-KPOP-trades, folks. To wit, here is Tei singing the classic KPOP ballad, “I Have a Lover” on Kim Jung Eun’s Chocolate last year:

However, Handsome People are not balladeers. Having signed with FLUXUS, it’s a given that they will produce indie fare, but what exactly is their musical style?

Judging from their first single, “Shall We Dance”, I would describe their sound as electronic, easy-listening lounge music, with some jazz notes tossed in. Maybe ambient house? Whatever it is, though, I am LOVING it.


And shall we dance? Oh, you bet I am.


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