Some things, we just don’t really want to know about our favorite idols, amiright?!


  • Ok, so Rain isn’t some pervy ahjussi, well, I mean, no more pervy than the next guy, but his fondness for little girls actually is a desire to have a little girl of his own in the future. Awww. Here’s him getting a kiss from an adorable girl at a recent awards show.

(nate via sixtofive1982)

  • And although noona-killers are nothing new (thank you SHINee), having an idol actor be a pet to a noona is pretty novel. In the Korean movie adaptation of manga and J-movie story You’re My Pet, Jang Gun Suk will play said pet to Kim Haneul‘s noona. The project officially gets going with a press conference. (And how cute is FT. Island’s Jong Hun??!)


  • Oh my-boybanders juggling balls? Soccer balls, silly!! JYJ’s Xiah Junsu and SS501’s Kim Hyun Joong played a friendly game of soccer against the SamYook University team as a fundraiser, raising 10 million won. The idol soccer team, FC Men,  founded by Junsu and Hyun Joong, also list members such as Kim Jae Joong, Park Yoochun, Kim Bum, Song Joong Ki, and Im Ju Hwan. Uhh… obviously any matches in the future need to be shirts vs. skins and FC Men need to be the ‘skins’, natch. (nate)

  • Some Supa Dupa TROT from Dal★Shabet! Is it weird that I PREFER this version?



  • In HUGE news of the day, 2PM does COKE. Coca cola, that is! The boys just signed on to endorse the sugary sweet stuff in their CF campaign for the second year. Ka-ching! Hopefully the ads this year will be a little bit better…



  • And, lastly, singer K.Will has decided to disclose to the world that he shed some pounds for his recent album and comeback. Inasmuch as I can’t stand the pressure on idols to look a certain way (and weigh a certain weight), I also don’t understand it when idols tell the world of their dieting and/or weight loss methods. You’re not helping the cause. Just sayin’. Also, K.Will-what was wrong with being 11 lbs. heavier? You looked fine. *Sigh* (nate)