This week’s 5 Things is all about variety, happily ever afters, wedding pics, and a cosmic explosion in the Kpopiverse.  These are the 5 Things that happened in Kpop last week that I think were a little bit more special than the rest

Giving the hoobaes a little Direction

I’ve watched a couple episodes of Director’s Cut last season, but this was the first episode I was able to watch of Season 2.  In this episode MBLAQ‘s Lee Joon and Seung-ho, Ji-eun from Secret, Rainbow‘s Ji-seok, and Superstar K2 contestant Kim Eun-bi join music industry heavies including Yoon Jong-shin to talk music.  I loved this little clip of their acoustic jam session to Secret’s “Shy Boy” while on the bus.

I was also a little surprised during this clip, Lee Joon can actually sing pretty decent.  I guess he’s more than a pretty face and nice set of abs.

Another show mixing it up with sunbaes and hoobaes that I enjoy is 100 out of 100. On this week’s episode they played a name that tune game where they were read lyrics to a famous Kpop song and they had to guess the artist, the song, and sing the first few lines all in Korean, even if the original had English in it.  Check out Simon D taking on Onew in this Khip-hop classic.

That was worth it if only to see Simon D’s infamous forehead.  I also loved Simon D’s little “eun chaggi, eun chaggi” at shimmy at the end, he’s such a crack up.  Other highlights of the episode included Onew giving everyone a little “Ring-Ding-Dong” dance lesson and  Simon D’s try for the win doing one of his bestie’s hit song.

A happily ever after…

My Princess was my current drama crack, but as it kind of sputtered in the middle- Dream High kept picking up steam and took over as my fave Kdrama of the moment.  I did keep watching the drama  because Kim Tae-hee gave one of her best performances to date as the less than perfect princess Lee Seol and along with Song Seung-hun became one of my fave Kdrama couples.  I liked how in the ending Seol didn’t let her man go away and she went in for the kill with a real kiss instead of his weaksauce chaste one.

Old variety keeps going strong

With Kvariety shows being cut left and right (KJE’s Chocolate?  Really, SBS?! And, two days before her birthday with short notice.  She at least deserved to be able to put together some kind of special farewell episode after all her great shows!, Argh).  I don’t watch Heroes much, but I enjoyed the girls of Heroes b-girl/b-boy  competition episode.

In the end, the judges gave scores that became a tie.  Kind of lame.  They should’ve picked one person from each team and make them battle it out freestyle for the win- say Narsha or Seo In-young vs. Gahi, that would’ve been epic.

Strong Heart is also one of the variety shows still doing relatively well, even amongst rumors that Lee Seung-gi might leave the show.  My fave moment from this past episode (other than all the hilarity that was G-Dragon and Seungri) was Henry of Super Junior‘s segment.  Besides his tales of being uncomfortable at first with skinship (he thought Leeteuk was gay for touching his butt all the time and that Heechul was transgendered, lol) and the cheesy Korean pick up lines the other members taught him, I was really amazed at Henry’s musical skills.  He started off on the piano, then went to his violin, and in the end went all ukulele on it with Jason Mraz‘s hit “I’m Yours.”

Really, I just couldn’t make up my mind on which bits of these variety shows to include- sometimes 5 Things just isn’t enough!

Wedding pics for YongSeo

The latest mission for We Got Married‘s adorable YongSeo couple was the much anticipated wedding pics episode.  I know it’s not a real marriage, but I love the wedding pics episodes and always look forward to it for each couple.  Check out some of the  pics from this episde.

While watching the pictures being taken, I thought to myself “Yong-hwa plays guitar, they should take some pics of them with him holding his guitar” because what’s sexier than a guy and his guitar?  Well, when they showed previews for next week guess what they showed.  Yep that’s right, guess who’s a genius.

And just because I’m from Hawaii, I have to add in these pics from Nichkhun and Victoria‘s segment.  Guess what Vic got Khun?  Probably one of the best goodies anyone can get from Hawaii (and just to let any of you rookies out there know, it HAS to be Hawaiian Host).  I didn’t hear of Victoria coming to Hawaii, but I have heard that the chocolate covered Macadamia nuts are available at Incheon International Airport, but at a steep price.

And last, but certainly not least…

Big Bang is Back

Is it just me or is Kpop just a little bit better recently? Big Bang roared back onto the Kpop scene with an AllKill having all six songs from their mini album occupy the six top spots of every Kpop chart and ranking in the top 10 on several countries’ iTunes charts.  To be honest, I’m still a bit perturbed that they only released a mini album and I am a little bit disappointed in the songs.  But, the songs are all definitely growing on me- especially after seeing Big Bang perform them on their special shows.  Here’s my hands-down fave off of the album, “Cafe.”

Aaah, you feel that?  That’s all things being good in the Kpopiverse…


Here’s a bonus Thing since I’m so late today with 5 Things, life you know…  I don’t know what I was thinking last week, I’m getting my weeks confused and saved this for this week, but it shoud’ve been for last week, not this week, I think… argggh, I’m still confused…

Bonus thing- Yunho’s Got Talent

You know on Strong Heart most guests share their talents in dancing, or imitations and although DBSK‘s Yunho did dance for the crowd he also shared a certain unique talent with everyone- the ‘Four Leaf Clover.’  Here’s the pics, one leaf at a time.

Ummm, very interesting Yunho.  I wonder how exactly you developed this skill.  Having control over your tongue like that must be useful for something… but that may be too rated ‘R’ for this crowd.

Those were the 5 things that I LOVED in Kpop last week, were they yours?