Per usual, there’s way too much going on in the world of KPOP. Here are some things you may have missed:

  • IU, along with a number of other KPOP singers, attended Corinne Bailey Rae’s first ever concert in the ROK. However, unlike the other celebs, IU got to open for and sing with, the British soul singer, who she has described as a role model. Awww. IU is adorbz. (weheartiu, newsen)


  • Mr. Romantic, Alex (Chu) of Clazziquai, was rumored to have been in a relationship…with a supermodel no less! And his agency, K-indie’s Fluxus Music, has confirmed that he is dating someone he met last year on the set of drama “Pasta”!!! That “someone” is Jo Hee. Apparently an ex-supermodel and waitress/server on “Pasta”. I’ve loved Alex ever since WGM–he is the sweetest guy ever! Totally deserving love. He is dropping a solo album in April, btw. Yay! (newsen, nate)


  • The first still from upcoming Hollywood adaptation of the acclaimed Lisa See novelSnow Flower and the Secret Fan, starring Jeon Ji Hyun (or Gianna Jun) and China’s Li Bing Bing, was released. The movie is set to premiere this summer. Good time to pick up the book, eh? (dramabeans)
  • Boyband ZE:A (Children of Empire) have a hilarious comeback teaser out which stars member Kwanghee as… the Evil Queen from Snow White? Oh KPOP boys and their cross-dressing… (osen)

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  • And, lastly, for everyone suffering withdrawals, in memory of Hyun Bin‘s dimples, which we won’t be seeing for a while, sadly, here is his HITE beer CF with actress Lee Yeon Hee of “Paradise Ranch”. The two starred together in the 2006 movie, “A Millionaire’s First Love”, and both look EXACTLY THE SAME. Better now, even, in my opinion. Binnie is adorable in the CF. Totally missing him already.