Eun Ji-won‘s special group project Clover has just released an MV teaser for the group’s debut song “La Vida Loca.” Clover is made up of Ji-won (aka G One), Gilme, a female rapper under Ji-won’s label GYM Entertainment, and Tyfoon.

The teaser doesn’t reveal much, basically there’s some Mexican music in the background and introductions of the three members of Clover, check it out.

You know, I think it’s really bad idea to use the name (or any version of it thereof) of a popular song for a new one because the new one will always be compared to the original (and in most cases the original always wins the comparison).  So, if you’re gonna do it- come hard, or don’t come at all.

Clover has just begun their activities, participating in a shoot for Yoo Hee-yeol’s Sketchbook on March 29th in which they performed “La Vida Loca” and “Adios” (A song previously released by Eun Ji-won whose lyrics were written by Tyfoon).  The episode will air on April 1st.   Clover’s music will be released through the various online sites on March 31st.