Well, it’s no “HuH,” I’ll tell you that.

4minute spent last week releasing a series of teasers pertaining to their comeback. With their new minialbum dropping tomorrow, the group (plus an always-handsome Jung-shin from CNBLUE) has revealed the full music video for “Heart To Heart.” Check it out below:

Tired girl-revenge concept is tired, but I thought it was kinda cute. Did not care for the vocals, though. Admittedly, I am a sucker for mildly-to-moderately cutesy girl group stuff (e.g. Secret’s “Shy Boy,” f(x)’s “Chu,” even SNSD’s “Gee”), but it looks like the cutesy concept has become the go-to trump card for any girlgroup in distress….or any company that’s running out of ideas. With Cube debuting their new girl group ‘A Pink’ soon, I can’t help but wonder if 4minute will be shoved to the creative back burner, as has become common practice for many ‘older’ groups. Boo.