Surprised, are you? Well you shouldn’t be. After all Inkigayo and Music Core are pretty much the same damn show with an award stamped at the end of the former.

But hey, for once in the recap hierarchy I feel important and that’s what matters.

And ah, well, we start with CHI-CHI and I’m starting to regret this real hard now. At least they’re at the top of the show. And staying there, if they keep promoting that song.

Aw, our fearsome foursome looked dressed for the communion plate! I know they’re young, but goodness SBS. Not everyone may get this (especially if you didn’t come from a Christian Baptist upbringing) but IU or Sulli need a big hat. Do it, Google “church ladies” and “big hats.” Wouldn’t it be perfect?

Oh, Girl’s Day, that song looks exhausting to sing. I listened to ‘Nothing Lasts Forever’ and they sound like a whole different group of girls. Oh well, at least their legs don’t look about to snap in half.

Navi, in Take 7 where she belongs. By the way, it’s so jarring to switch from the idol music to the – well – I’m going to say other music, sometimes. It’s like pulling me backwards through ‘Inception’ at warp speed and plunking me down in ‘Red Riding Hood.’ Anyway, Navi – good singer.

Yes ZE:A, we get it you’re here. Be kind of hard to miss really.

Now I’m in ‘Little Shop of Horrors (the musical).’  Which is one of my favorite movies by the way.  Better than a hospital, which is the only other thing I can see Hangroo’s peppermint color scheme conveying.

Something tells me 5 Dolls may be dropping the Co-Ed lifestyle real soon. What? Name one dude from that group, and no you can’t wiki it. It’s not like they ever saw each other anyways.

U-Kiss is returning, in pastels! I’d say let’s all go for an Easter egg hunt, but well, we all know where Alex is.

Looks like we’ll need a little lightness around here, as Wheesung has got the gothic going on all over his stage. I like his back-up dancer’s threads, I would rock those except with some thick pants because it is cold as Hades outside. Spring, wherefore art thou?

G.NA says goodbye on a slow song, on which I like her less. Also, would kill maybe five people for her figure, but wardrobe fumbles again. And I usually love me a good shirt dress, but perhaps it’s the asymmetrical cut; they can’t hike it up to safety-pants standards because the singer in question is actually shaped like a woman.

It’s ok all you ummas out there – Infinite are just a group of young clean-cut guys looking to take your daughter out for a creamsicle.  And if he’s lucky, she’ll help him shop for a whole new wardrobe.

CB Blue are back! The best mime-band in the world. Doesn’t at least one station plug their instruments in? Sometimes I think, when my drifts from work (which is all the time), that CN Blue could have a hit in the States. Their sound is modeled a bit after Maroon Five and they’ve been releasing the same song for almost a decade now.

K.Will’s stage is literally giving me diabetes – it’s a good thing you can sing buddy.

Big Bang have already won every award possible in existence, so they’re just finishing off their mini-album at this point. Another song that is saved with staging – the guys really know how to sell a song.  “Thanks Big Bnag!” Hahaha SBS. Thanks for the ratings! We’ll see in a month or so when the other half of the album comes out.

Can you do a two-guy love song without looking like the members are singing to each other? DBSK says you can! I say, turn down the flames a little.

Since Big Bang have maxed out their Mutizen points, it’s DBSK for the win.  Huh, that wasn’t so different. More confetti than usual, maybe. Have a good week everybody!