Always one to walk on the more elusive side, YGE is once again teasing fans with a mysterious message.


Posted to the YG-Life blog on the night of the 26th (ROK time), the message “I Hate This Love Song!” is stirring up all YG family fans worldwide as they hope that this cryptically curious (and dual colored!) message is regarding the upcoming albums from 2NE1 and Big Bang (a comeback album and a repackaged 4.5 album, respectively) in April. Many excited fans (this blogger included!) are also crossing their fingers in the hope that this could be a potential collaboration track from the two dynamic groups! Lollipop Version 2k11, perhaps?!!! (I can only wish!)


Whatever the obscure message means, I’m sure YGE will slowly let us in on the secret…stay tuned until then!




(yg life)