The Wonder Girls looked flawless at the press conference, on the red carpet, and in the front row in Shanghai for French fashion house Chloé’s, 5th Anniversary.


Ok, maybe not flawless, but pretty darn close to it.  (Yoobin looks a little uncomfortable at the fashion show in the dress with the J-Lo-esque cut down the front of the top and the slit up to THERE on the skirt. I mean, who wouldn’t be worried of a little Janet Jackson moment?!) YeEun–err I mean, Yenny, is seriously rocking her blonde hair and statuesque height, Sunye looks like a lazy goddess (in the best way), Sohee and Lim are a tad overshadowed by their unnies, but still look fabulous. I wish they had worn cute, fun dresses in the style of their press conference outfits instead though.


Man, what I would do for some Chloé.