It’s been a while, hasn’t it? This week’s Music Bank is brought to you by JQT Minjung‘s eyepatch and DBSK‘s vinyl pants.

Highlight performance: Navi (“Turning Out For The Best”): I didn’t recap her performance since I only recap the idol artists in the latter half of the show (and recaps take time, dudes), but she just looked and sounded like a complete goddess in today’s performance. And goddesses need to be worshipped.

“Peekaboo” – JQT: Eyepatches make everything 10x more badass.

“Supa Dupa Diva” – Dal Shabet: Song has total of four notes.


“BTD” – Infinite: Darkened stage does wonders, effects-wise.

“Black & White” – G.NA: Concept’s hot, but doesn’t fit song.

“Not Alone” – Park Jung-min: Manly K-pop voices are forever timeless.

“Stay” – MBLAQ: Did Blue Man Group collab on this? (Re: the intro.)

“Shy Boy” – Secret: It’s so cute I could die.

“Why? (Keep Your Head Down)” – DBSK: Can we nix the tacky background graphic?

Secret wins K-Chart for the week:

Other performances from this week:

Break the Wall” – Lee Sung-jung Band

Turning Out for the Best” – Navi

She’s Leaving” – Old Time

Say On My Knee” – Guy.M

Cloud Nine” – Seehyun

Happy Together” – Woojoo feat. Kim Mi-yeon

Day By Day” – Kim Bo-kyung

Back It Up” – Jewelry

Witch Girl” – Hangroo

Tok Tok” – Mighty Mouth feat. Soya

Why Is the Love” – J.Lee

Let’s Dance” – J.Lee