Kpop fans had a huge “Ohayoo gozaimasu” ready for Jpop star Tomohisa Yamashita, aka Yamapi. It was his first time performing on the Countdown and he definitely brought his Super Good ‘A’ game.  Check out his hot Intro and performance of “Party Don’t Stop.”

I haven’t been keeping up with my Jpop or Jdoramas recently, but Yampai sure looked in fine form for his performance.

MBLAQ returns with five members to perform “Again” on the Countdown.  They had been two members down with Mir having back surgery and Lee Joon sick and throwing up before last week’s Inkigayo.  And good health = blonde hair?  Or was Joon and Mir both blonde before their injuries/sickness?  Anyhow, a blonde Joon led his group again and Mir joined in for his rap towards the end of the song signaling a healthy comeback for MBLAQ.

Other performances included:  INFINITE, Teen Top, IU, Kan Mi Yeon, Lee Hyun, 5dolls, Dalmatian, HAM, Lady Jane, Secret, and Jewelry.  We’ll upload more links to the performances as they become available.

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