Or rather physicals. The trio’s management company, C-JeS Entertainment, released a statement that Jaejoong, Yoochun, and Junsu all reported to the Seoul Military Manpower Administration to receive physical examinations for their future enlistment.

Jaejoong went in for his examination last week, while Yoochun and Junsu went in on the 14th (they had to go for a physical on Valentine’s Day?  Well, that sucks).  Jaejoong turned 26 on January 26th (dob 1/26/86), while Yoochun will turn 26 on June 4th (dob 6/4/86), and Junsu’s birthday is on December 15th (12/15/86).  Although they were called in for physicals, there is no intention for the trio to enlist any time soon.  Most male stars defer enlisting until the last moment (when they approach 30), but recently some stars were denied deferments and had to enlist a little earlier than expected (Lee Junki, Kim Nam-gil).  But still, I’m thinking that the members of JYJ have a few more years to go before leaving Kpop for the military.

It is a bit sad to think that the next generation of our favorite Kpop stars are approaching the maximum age of mandatory enlistment.