So… there’s this group called Big Bang and they’re coming back after a two year hiatus. A lot of people seem excited.

Aw, what the hell, I’m excited too! Cautiously excited. Any time you have these huge earth-shattering,  breath-holding possibly industry changing events, you have to wonder how far this will go and if the poor boys will eventually collapse amongst the weight of eager V.I.Ps breathing down their neck. As of this writing, the internet has learned:

v  The boys have finished shooting an MV that may be in Las Vegas

v  After two years, we only get a freakin’ mini-album

v  SBS is airing an hour-long Big Bang comeback special

v  KBS and MBC are pissed about it

v  The entire album will be promoted at once

v  T.O.P still has THAT HAIR

v  Daesung is still sorely underappreciated

A lot to digest, is it not? Regardless if you think Big Bang is the best boy band in the world or not, it will be interesting to see how their music as a group has evolved. Particularly since kpop fans have received so much lately in the way of the group member’s solo activities. One thing you can say about the group, as that even as a unit, singular members have always maintained their individuality. However, now that we’ve been privy to more of that (G-Dragon/Heartbreaker, GD/T.O.P, Taeyang/Solar, Seungri/VVIP), is it now more a case of smushing random pieces of a puzzle together as opposed to equally dissembling a well-oiled machine?

In other words, is Big Bang even a group anymore? Logically speaking, yes; but as artists that remains to be seen – and as it’s been some time, I think it is a completely fair assessment over how they will meld their individual music into a cohesive sound.

On the other hand, we are talking about YG Entertainment, a company that prides itself on its near obsessive attention to detail and perfection. Reasoning would be that they would never release something less than perfect – at least in their eyes.

Well, I guess we will have to see, shall we? I have been weaving in and out of the kpop scene for the last month, but even my butt will be plastered to the chair for this. Class on the 24th? What class?